Solar Tunnel Project connects Paris and Amsterdam through solar-powered euro-trains


Posted in Solar Power | Posted on 10-06-2011

Solar Tunnel

High-speed trains shunting between Paris and Amsterdam will now be aided with solar power for a part of the run. Infrabel, the company behind Belgium’s major roadways already claims a successful test-run of the inaugural train on the solar-powered tracks. During the initial phase only 3.4 kilometers—the length of a train tunnel on the high speed rail line along the E19 highway—is lined with solar panels all along its top. The solar power generated is directed to core functions like signaling, lighting, and heating the Antwerp North-South junction and Antwerp Central Station.

The Solar Tunnel Project is brought about by the combined efforts of the municipalities of Brasschaat and Schoten in Belgium, Solar Power Systems—the solar installation company, and Solar Developers Enfinity.

So far about 16,000 solar panels are set up which‘re expected to turn out 3,300 megawatt-hours of electricity annually—enough for 950 Belgium homes, claims Solar Power Systems.

The solar tunnel is the first of its kind and has the attention of everyone around. Only time will figure the kind of impact the project has on the everyday rail operations in the area, which probably would determine the future destiny of the solar tunnel.

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