Eco-friendly start-up for babies and their moms


Posted in Recycle | Posted on 09-02-2011

Eco Friendly Baby Start Up

They call themselves the ‘earth monkey moms’ — and if you excuse the name, the effort behind this wonderful start-up is worth applauding. Since these days, everything or everyone wants to be eco-friendly, why not baby products. So a group of new mommies got together to create an online start-up that sells every imaginable baby product, and all made from eco-materials. From bibs, pacifier holders and changing pads, purse, key chains, bottles, every item be it clothes or accessories are either made using organic products or is 100% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) which also make a great substitute for disposable “on-the-go” products.

Very affordable and usually lightweight,m these products are marketed through their websites

The earth monkey moms, also run their own blog under the same name — through which they are trying to reach out to a million other women who are making an effort to provide a greener and cleaner environment for their children.

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