Japan to get ‘Green’ Coca-Cola Vending Machines


Posted in Solar Power | Posted on 27-12-2010

Coca cola

When a large company like Coca-Cola decides to start going green, guys its time we realized. Well, the brand started off by switching to hybrid trucks in North America, then in 2004 Coke took the green movement to Japan and started a program that turned waste into energy. Now, the latest development in this field is that the soft-drink brand has come up with solar-powered vending machines in Tokyo.

Japan has almost 6 million drinks vending machines, out of which 1 million belong to Coca-Cola. The company has recently announced its plans of replacing all their existing vending machines with a new ecological model that will be powered by solar panels and will illuminate with low-consumption LED lights.

Also, the machines will be equipped to accept electronic money and will be made compatible with almost all the smartcards used in Japan. Now that’s a nice move!


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