Green igloos on the streets of Paris


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Paris City

A recent study in Paris revealed how houseplants were gaining popularity in its busy urban environment – people were gradually waking up to the idea of going green inside their homes to curb the global warming menace. The study showed 8 out of 10 French homes have indoor plants! To celebrate the popularity of houseplants and to give a further boost to environmental onsciousness, the Dutch Flower Council, came up with a unique concept. To plant bubble garden in Paris’ busy streets.

The giant bubbles which look more like igloos – were installed between November 26th through the 28th in Gare Montparnasse, Place Saint Germain, Bercy Village and Place Colette.

The exhibition titled ‘My Bubble, My Plant & Me’ ( in French Ma Bulle, Ma Plante and Moi), had enchanted city dwellers walking into giant capsules of green foliage for their ‘15 minutes of green’, as desired by the organisers.

The uniquely built green bubbles were designed by eco-volunteer and designer Amaury Gallon, whose mesmerising natural artworks are built to spread eco-awareness. Bright, airy and beautiful, these striking green sanctuaries provided quite a relief to people as well as the concrete urban milieu of Paris.

The transparent spherical bubbles framed inside a metal structure hosted a variety of themes – one had a jungle, while another garden featured hundreds of amazing orchids woven into the metal frame.

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Green Igloos looks really great…Nice effort to overcome the impact of global warming. Please do share more information & tips like that.

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